Do you already have strong imagery or would you like us to design something for you? We’re in the business of getting you noticed …Over the years, Harry’s developed a reputation for his humour and originality in commercial design… and everything is totally portable.

Graphics & Design? We Come to You!

If you like, we can visit your place of business and build the ad right on the spot. Let’s design an ad campaign together! It’s so much fun, and the results are often very rewarding!

We stock libraries of royalty-free computer imagery and have all the latest “toys” on hand to keep this aspect fun and quick to do! And when your ad is built? The “base art” and all its components are yours to keep!

We want your new elevator ad to be as useful to you as possible and to be easily incorporated to reaffirm your other marketing.

Or correspond back and forth by electronic mail as we fine tune your graphic messaging. It’s so much more effective when you can enjoy this kind of one-to-one service!

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Telephone: 250 386 6246